Out There

A great song you’ve never heard of

Posted in fun, music by Pete on November 29, 2014

Now *that* is some melodic guitar.  It’s not technical virtuosity – it’s more like the guitar is singing.  Love it.  And it has harmonica – what more can you ask for?  This song could be about the debt ceiling and I’d still be a fanboy.  But for me that is a talking-to-God song for sure – I’m practically compelled to close my eyes during the whole thing.  It’s just a random tune that I got on some record label sampler CD ages ago and I’ve always come back to it.  I’ve only ever heard one other Dryve song (“Nervous”) and wasn’t crazy about it.  They folded in the late 90s sometime.  You can get this track on mp3 for $1 from this link.  Also click here for the longer live version on youtube.