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Happy Birthday Mom!

Posted in Uncategorized by Pete on May 1, 2008

Today is May 1, and my mom’s birthday. We sent her an e-card, and later Claire and Tammy and I will give her a call to let her know how special she is to us. We love you mom!

Yesterday was Claire’s 2nd birthday! She managed to wait ALL day without opening presents, and then had a blast opening boxes and boxes of stuff, mostly from her super generous grandparents (thanks you guys!). There was also a veggie tales movie (which we watched right away) from the Wolcotts, and several cards from Cousins and others. Her friend Karla even gave her some cool rubber boots! All in all a great day for her, I think. : – ) She even fielded Happy Birthday wishes on the VHF, answering “Thank You” in her soft voice over the airwaves. We opened so many presents that Tam and I never gave her OUR gift, a “Dora the Explorer” toddler bed, with matching furniture and toy-organizer shelves. That will be a weekend project for dad to put together, AFTER I take my very very very last final due Saturday morning at 9 am.

Lastly, with this being May 1, I just have to point out that in 2004, our first May in KUK, we were KAYAKING on this day. There was a lot of ice in the river and the lakes were almost entirely covered, but there was plenty of room to paddle. This was the day that Tammy famously fell in too, but I won’t go into that here. Anyway, May 1, 2008 is not so paddle-friendly. At 6 this morning it was 19 degrees out with 25 mph winds for a wind chill of -12. Boooo!!! Come spring, come!!! We’ll be driving, not boating, on the river for a while longer I guess.

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April 15?

Posted in Uncategorized by Pete on April 15, 2008

Tax day! Hooray! I love doing my taxes. How can you not? Refunds baby! Well, I guess if you’re extraordinarily wealthy you probably dislike them, but hey then you have little to cry about. Plus I’m an anal, pencil-necked accountant so I just loooove fillin out all those forms. In addition, I tend to think things like schools, libraries, roads, and runways are good.

Completely off-topic rant: As opposed to many Alaskans (oh, those wacky ADN commenters!) who believe we should dissolve state government entirely and send every Alaskan (or is that just “real” Alaskans?) a check for six figures and then we’re all on our own forever. (Or better yet seize the pipeline by force, secede, and bring the lower 48 to its knees. These are real suggestions by “real” Alaskans I’ve seen in editorials of the ADN. Oops, way off topic.) Back on topic:

Alaskans get worked up every spring about taxes, this year in response to massive spending by the legislature that just adjourned. Although they also saved something like $5B for the inevitable, impending, fateful, imminent, inexorable, inescapable, unavoidable, unstoppable, looming, rainy day eternity when the oil revenue goes dry.

Don’t get me started on those comments in the ADN. In fact, I’ll make that a separate post sometime. CRAZY stuff they write. “Even me!” : – )

Now for something completely different, what is up with the COLD weather? Nengllirtuq! The ambient temp was subzero this morning, and we’ve been averaging about 30 mph sustained winds all day (as I type this it is blowing at 37.8 mph). That makes for one mean windchill, like -30 to -40. Which is pretty much par for the course in winter, but on April 15th????? Come on, enough already! UNCLE!!

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first day of spring!

Posted in Uncategorized by Pete on March 20, 2008

OK, so my UAF/KUC calendar says yesterday, 3/19 was the first day of spring.  Living in western Alaska, and even when I lived in Anchorage, when you travel and people learn you’re from Alaska, you often get animated reactions and eventually the inevitable “So how cold does it get there?”  Then I usually have to launch into a lecture about the size of our state and how the weather varies and how where I live the wind chill is what makes it really bad blah blah blah.

So anyway, as I speak it is -21 outside according to yahoo weather, which for my way of thinking is too cold for March 20th.  Especially since yahoo weather still lists a high today of +6 and a low of +2.  Its all about the crushed expectations.  If it predicted -30, I’d be happy it was only -21.  I don’t know if its extra hard to predict weather here or what, but we are very frequently under or over the low/high thing by a significant margin.  Then of course there is the caveat that the weather in Bethel is not exactly the same as that here in Kasigluk.  Pilots say it tends to be a little windier here, and my anemometer on the roof would agree, consistently reporting wind about 20% greater than that reported from the airport in Bethel.

Fairbanks, in the frigid interior, is at +1 right now.  And Belize is in the upper 70s.  So yeah, I’m whining and ready for Spring to show up in more ways than just on the calendar. 

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