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Religion, Irreligion, and Gospel through Derek Webb

Posted in music by Pete on October 10, 2017

I wanted to link to something I read – a commentary in 3 parts on 3 Derek Webb songs.  If you haven’t heard of him he is a talented songwriter, the founder of noisetrade (a legal music download site), and former member of Caedmon’s Call, a 90s/2000s Christian band from Texas.  He is known for some controversial songs and liberal positions.  And also known more recently (in the “Christian music industry”) for a scandal – being unfaithful to his wife who also happens to be another talented songwriter. Sadly that relationship is apparently severed.  I haven’t let his issues keep me from enjoying a lot of his music and several of his songs have helped me out over the years.  If you want to check any of it out, start with any of these albums:  “She Must and Shall Go Free,” (tracks like Wedding Dress, Lover) or “Mockingbird.”  Or “The House Show.”

Yesterday I was enjoying listening to a playlist I made of all Derek Webb stuff and it came to the song “Heavy,” which I’ve been getting into but hadn’t figured out all the lyrics yet but as I listened yesterday I was realizing it’s a complicated song that I couldn’t really sing and just tap on the table and agree with.  Not easy listening.  So I did a google search for the lyrics and meaning and stumbled on this link.  I thought it was a good take and wanted to read the rest of the series, which cover 2 other really good songs and can be found here and here.

Jesus vs religion

Posted in Uncategorized by Pete on February 16, 2012

My dad sent me a link to this “Why I hate religion, but love Jesus” vid on youtube .  Tens of millions of people have watched it in the last 35 days, but until now I wasn’t one of them.   Loved it.  He’s probably not right on every little thing but he’s a young dude and the spirit of what he’s saying is right on.

There is a singer/songwriter named Derek Webb who has written a few (imo) *great* songs (and several…not so much).  I have one of his live albums and between some of the songs he talks about what made him write the song, or who it was written for, etc.  During one of these he starts talking (preaching!) about community and being real with each other in the church.  I bring it up in relation to this video because it touches on some of the same themes as far as religion vs Jesus (emphasis on legalism and appearances/pretending, avoidance of sin, etc instead of fully honest and vulnerable relationship that leads to true freedom and joy or if you want more “religious” terms repentance—>forgiveness—>righteousness).  Anyway, I found a transcript of it here.

Small portion:  “But if you know yourself as exposed by the cross, then I believe you will begin to experience true joy. Because you will not constantly be looking over your shoulder all the time – constantly checking the knots in this great suit of fig leaves that you’ve sewn for yourself. But rather, you will be comfortably exposed in your sin and boasting in your great Savior because he is real.”

Here is some more from a different track on the same album.  If you want to check his music I would start with his “She must and shall go free” album or download “lover” and “wedding dress” from that album, 99 cents a song for some great stuff.

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