Out There

So how long do you think you’ll be out there?

Posted in Uncategorized by Pete on March 4, 2008

Hello!  This is the first post in what I hope is a fairly steady stream of reflections on life.  I was never that great at maintaining our website (www.schneidlers.com/peter) but I often have little snippets to share and thought this was worth a try.  The title of this post is the question we get asked all of the time by people we meet on the plane, or by itinerant LKSD (our school district, www.lksd.org) staff visiting our school, friends, family, you name it.  Our response is usually something like “Indefinitely.  We really enjoy the village and our neighbors and think it is where we’re supposed to be.”  Tam likes to say “Until they kick us out!”  We get a lot of reactions, and unfortunately a lot of them are shock and even the outright question “Why?!?  Why would you want to be there?”  This generally inspires some umbrage on my part, and I ask them why I would want to live in ________ where they’re from, dealing with traffic, materialism, people living in houses stacked on top of one another, the heat, whatever.  Every place has issues.  We love it here!

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