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Go crazy folks! Go crazy!!!

Posted in Uncategorized by Pete on November 22, 2013


Here are a bunch of great sports calls, gathered together by Joe Posnanski who is maybe the best sportswriter around.  Everything from the stanford/cal band-on-the-field to “I don’t believe what I just saw!!”  By the way, for me I have to go with Jack Buck all the way over the understated Vin Scully on that one.  I love the Dodgers indefatigable broadcaster who is as old as Yoda and has been calling Dodger games since the Roosevelt administration (OK I made that up but it might be true!), but I’ll take the hair-on-fire passion over the poetry, for a moment like that one.  I also really like the Ozzie Smith (go crazy folks, go crazy!!) home run in the playoffs, from a lightweight defensive wizard.  For M’s fans you have to add Edgar’s double to this list – but still this is all pretty great stuff.