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pitch discrimination

Posted in music by Pete on October 25, 2017

This is not a baseball post.  I have been doing a little research into the ability to easily identify, match, and discriminate between 2 musical notes.  I learned that only about 2.5-5% of the population is “medically tone deaf” or amusic (amusia = tone deafness).  Many people are thought to be tone deaf when they are actually not.  I found some helpful links and wanted to compile them in one place for future reference.

Here is a good basic test to see if you are tone deaf.

Here is a very simple tool for improving your “ear” (pitch recognition).

Here is a lengthy and slightly technical article that explores tone deafness and how it is different from poor tone perception and poor singing ability.  Most poor singers fall into one of these latter camps even though they or others may describe them as “tone deaf.”

11 tips for singing in tune.  Nothing very surprising here but a good primer on the basics.


Religion, Irreligion, and Gospel through Derek Webb

Posted in music by Pete on October 10, 2017

I wanted to link to something I read – a commentary in 3 parts on 3 Derek Webb songs.  If you haven’t heard of him he is a talented songwriter, the founder of noisetrade (a legal music download site), and former member of Caedmon’s Call, a 90s/2000s Christian band from Texas.  He is known for some controversial songs and liberal positions.  And also known more recently (in the “Christian music industry”) for a scandal – being unfaithful to his wife who also happens to be another talented songwriter. Sadly that relationship is apparently severed.  I haven’t let his issues keep me from enjoying a lot of his music and several of his songs have helped me out over the years.  If you want to check any of it out, start with any of these albums:  “She Must and Shall Go Free,” (tracks like Wedding Dress, Lover) or “Mockingbird.”  Or “The House Show.”

Yesterday I was enjoying listening to a playlist I made of all Derek Webb stuff and it came to the song “Heavy,” which I’ve been getting into but hadn’t figured out all the lyrics yet but as I listened yesterday I was realizing it’s a complicated song that I couldn’t really sing and just tap on the table and agree with.  Not easy listening.  So I did a google search for the lyrics and meaning and stumbled on this link.  I thought it was a good take and wanted to read the rest of the series, which cover 2 other really good songs and can be found here and here.