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bad leaders write bad editorials

Posted in Uncategorized by Pete on October 1, 2016

I don’t have time to do the point by point analysis I’d like to on this right now, but I’m posting it so I can maybe hit it later.  This is all-timer in terms of ridiculous lies, distortions, and deceit.  Written by the chairman of the Alaska Republican party, Tuckerman Babcock, it is maybe the single-worst piece of writing I’ve ever seen in a newspaper, and I’ve been reading the paper consistently for about 30 years, haha.  So, so bad.  Drivel suitable for framing!  As I wrote in the comments, this is right up there with Al Gore inventing the internet and Frank Murkowski’s snow tire and sales tax proposals not breaking his “no new taxes” promise because they were merely “optional user fees” because after all no one HAS to buy anything, so you don’t have to pay the sales tax if you don’t want to.