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Posted in Uncategorized by Pete on April 8, 2015

Kudos to Rep Paul Seaton and Rep Edgmon for their courageous proposal to bring back the state income tax, and to Senator Bishop for his “education tax” proposal (which I don’t love because it seems to hit the working poor way harder than upper income folks, but at least he isn’t just putting his head in the sand).  These guys are probably getting all kinds of grief from Alaska anti-tax fanatics, but as covered ad nauseum here and elsewhere, just cutting spending isn’t going to take care of a $5B deficit.  Not just politically unlikely but as the state budget analyst David Teal presented, “Alaska could shutter every state agency and still have a $1 billion deficit.”  And yet, our (republican) Senate president says “This session is the session for reduction,” Meyer said. “Next session could be something else.”  Short-sighted, spineless, self serving leadership.  Not just the Rs – many democrats criticized it as well, and even the supporters in the legislature asked that their names not be revealed at this time.


Posted in Uncategorized by Pete on April 6, 2015

This is pretty stomach-turning, but I don’t feel like it’s gotten enough attention.

Charges against Gregory of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest were dropped in exchange for him pleading guilty to harassing Reid. Brown, the attorney for Gregory, is pursuing a motion to withdraw the plea because of the new video evidence.

The city of Bethel thinks it has a financial crunch now??  If a jury ever saw this, the city would get crushed, I would think.  A drunk man was “harassing” an officer?  We can’t see what happened before this, but all I saw was a cop way excessively beating up someone who looked totally unable to defend himself.  Also, maybe there was a kick or two in there?  Like at the 2:19 mark.  Not sure.  Anyway it’s not hard to see why there was a dislocated shoulder and broken collarbone.  (TANGENT:  Also this is the same city of Bethel that is considering whether to allow two liquor stores to open up, driving down the cost and increasing the supply of immediately available alcohol.  That is a whole other post or many posts, but these sorts of behaviors related to public drunkenness are what make the increased tax revenue look like not such a great deal for the city.  The extra costs associated with extra drinking may well dwarf the extra revenue.  I’m for Bethel either going DRY, or to a package store, city-run liquor store with no more legal importation by anyone else.  One-stop shop that allows the public to customize the rules of who they can sell to, and how much you can buy.  Not that many Bethel voters give a flip about what I or other villagers think.)

Also the fact that the victim didn’t lawyer up for damages in the first place is likely the result of the non-litigious nature of the Yup’ik culture that prefers not to press charges or sue, and is very respectful of authority.  This gets taken advantage of by the entities that provide services in this region – where lawsuits, or the mere threat of lawsuits, would normally be a corrective deterrent keeping those institutions from becoming too self-serving, that seems to be sometimes missing here and we’re all the poorer for it, in my opinion.

Anyway, this is a downer of a post, but I’m glad the video is seeing the light of day, despite the police department’s apparent efforts, so I thought I’d help shout it from the rooftops so to speak.

to cover it up.