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A song you REALLY have never heard of

Posted in Uncategorized by Pete on December 4, 2014

With apologies to Simon & Garfunkel. For mourning M’s fans everywhere, please rise and doff your cap.


I’d rather be a Blue Jay than an M
Yes I would
If I could, I surely would

I’d rather work for Alex than for Jack
Yes I would
if i only could, i *surely* would

Away, I’d rather swing away
Like Edwin and with Jose
A man, who covers so much ground
He will be missed in Puget Sound, in Puget Sound

I’d rather hit in Skydome than the Safe
Yes I would
If I could, I surely would

I’d rather play at home than in the states,
Yes I would
If I could, I surely would

Seriously Michael, hope you kill it this year, including against the M’s every time you play us. This is one of Jack’s worst moves, like a Bavasi trade. I was annoyed by the Cruz signing (especially since a way better deal for him was in place last year only to be shot down by someone above Jack) but thought he would be at least ok as an overpaid DH for a couple years, but now I’ve got a queasy, sinking feeling that I know the M’s WILL let me down and will play Cruz in the OF.  Weak.

I posted this on a thread on fangraphs after learning the M’s had traded 2 years of Michael Saunders for 1 year of JA Happ (pitcher for the blue jays).  Saunders makes half as much money as Happ does as well.  He’s had trouble not getting hurt in his career but has shown flashes of being an above-average corner outfielder and last year was his best year statistically.  Happ is a 4th or 5th starter who will look good in Safeco because he gives up a good number of fly balls, but this sort of profile is not that hard to find (see 2014 Young, Chris as exhibit A).  And now we need an outfielder.  Dumb.  I really love the M’s and want to follow…but the uppermost leadership is so clown-shoes bad, it keeps getting in the way.  If you really want to get depressed dig up the Geoff Baker expose on the rot in the M’s front office culture.  Has anything changed?

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