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American Time Use Survey

Posted in Uncategorized by Pete on June 23, 2014

American Time Use Survey

How we spend our time says a lot about our priorities, and I ended up taking my own self-survey to see if I’m spending my time where I actually want to.  I wrote a really good post on this that I lost when wordpress crashed when I tried to publish it.  I even had copied the text but somehow lost that too.  Now I’m reluctant to do it all over again.  Oh well.  This link is interesting and in the original post I made I took the survey for myself and compared my times with everyone else.  Most notable is I spend way less time on TV and way more time on the computer (like…the last hour or so!).  Computer times are found in the table at the bottom of the article, far right column, and I kind of can’t believe the times are accurate, but I guess thats how I feel about the tv times too so go figure.

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