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Equally Skilled, by Jon Foreman

Posted in Uncategorized by Pete on October 12, 2013

Another one I’ve really been listening to lately.

Here are the lyrics, here is the text of Micah 7 that it is lifted from, and here are a couple of videos.  This has been on my mind in the context of our politicians lately being unable to come to any agreement or compromise on the budget / debt ceiling issue.  So much spin, blame, and foolish pride.  You can listen to the leaders talk for quite a while without hearing any honest truth.  It’s all self-serving half-truths.  An inability to acknowledge anything good about the other side’s position, or any fault with their own actions.  Party before country.  I think you could do a great mashup of this song along with quotes from Boehner, Reid, Obama, Cruz, Rubio, etc being intoned in the background, a la “The Seven O’clock News” from Simon & Garfunkel.

Before you get too depressed about all this, hear the END of the song.  Redeemer is one of my favorite names for God these days.

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Music: Wedding Dress by Derek Webb

Posted in Uncategorized by Pete on October 7, 2013

I have a few songs I’ve been meaning to post on here lately.  This one I’ve been crazy about since I first heard it, close to 10 years ago.  I may have blogged about it once or twice before, or maybe that was on our old web page.  

Here are the lyrics, here is the song at a live performance, and the backstory on it’s inspiration is here and here.  I recommend all four.

Here is the song as released on the She Must and Shall Go Free album, with lots of visuals and text added by some college ministry.  If you only want the music, close your eyes.  Or open up spotify already.  : – )

Big Alcohol Spread in Alaska Dispatch

Posted in Uncategorized by Pete on October 4, 2013

Big Alcohol Spread in Alaska Dispatch

Alcohol has really been in the news as both the Anchorage Daily News and the Alaska Dispatch have launched extensive efforts to cover the issue as it pertains to Alaska with a lot of scrutiny.  The ADN in particular is going above and beyond by launching a year-long effort with funding from a few different sources.  They view it as a follow-up to their pulitzer prize-winning series from the 1980s called “A People in Peril” that also dealt with Alcohol in bush Alaska.

Here are the 3 recent articles from Alaska Dispatch.  I can’t say I agree with all of the author’s thinly-veiled opinions, but it is a dialogue that we desperately need to have.  




I’ve written extensively on my views on alcohol in our part of the bush in the past and you can easily search the blog to find those posts.  I don’t take much time out to blog these days and don’t have much time now, but the one thing I’d add is that prohibition here IS different from prohibition in Chicago in the 20s and 30s because it was impossible to keep the illicit alcohol out at that time.  But there are no roads to the dry villages.  If Bethel was dry like all the villages around it, the only booze would be homebrew and stuff smuggled in luggage and by mail.  And the price would go way up, which we know prices some key segments of the population out of the drinking pool.  Like the 12 year olds.  This issue is especially relevant right now as yesterday we all got our PFDs from the state of Alaska, $900 for every man, woman, and child, and that $$ is burning a hole in a lot of pockets right now.  The next few days are notorious in Bethel for all kinds of rowdiness and worse that goes down every year.

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