Out There


Posted in Uncategorized by Pete on February 8, 2012

So much of the news out here is a bit bleak.  I don’t want to focus on it, but you also have to acknowledge what is going on and be honest before change will ever happen.  So I might occasionally cast a little light on some of the horrendous things that seem to happen way too often in this area given our tiny population.  Here are a few recent examples (6 diff links).

On a very related soapbox aside – how many of these were alcohol related?  All of them?  Certainly more than half.  I spoke recently with a police officer in Bethel while we were waiting around outside a courtroom (jury duty) and the officer estimated that more than 90% of all the crimes they investigate are alcohol related.  And Bethel voters just voted to go wet, despite the insanely high monthly limits that already applied under “damp” status.  This means bootleggers now get unlimited legal importation of their product, meaning availability went up, price went down, and therefore more booze for more people, and therefore more FAE/FAS babies and heartache for everyone.  Oy.

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