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So you wanna save the planet?

Let me explain.  No, let me sum up.  In 2001, when Tammy and I were making our way from Los Angeles to Anchorage via the Cassiar Highway in western British Columbia, we had the good fortune of driving through lovely Prince George.  We stopped and bought some groceries because it is the largest place you see until you actually get to Anchorage some thousands of miles later.   After paying for a pile of produce and canned goods at the register, the clerk asked if I wanted a bag.  We sort of stared at the pile of groceries and then looked back up at her, blankly.  Uh…yes?  Yes.  Yes!  I would love a bag, or actually several bags.  Her comeback?  Wait for it…  “How many?”  At this point I was realizing something funny was going on here.  I know my grocery store social pragmatics and this was in direct, clear violation.  “Um…as many as it takes?”  So they bagged them up, and then she punched some numbers on the register and charged me $.05 or $.10 per bag (ok, I don’t remember the amount per bag, give me a break and listen to the story!).  AAAHH, the light at last came on.

So back to saving earth.  These people think you can do it with cloth bags.


Now, I have no problem with this philosophy, in fact I find it eminently sensible.  It just reminded me of that story so I had to share it.

The Irish are apparently completely on board as well:  http://www.nytimes.com/2008/02/02/world/europe/02bags.html


*****1/25/12 update – HMMM.  Just found this in the “drafts” section of the blog, meaning it never was “published.”  OK, let’s try this again.

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So I clearly don’t update this blog very often, which is ok because I just as clearly have precious few followers holding their breath for the next post (which is good, for them).  But here’s the thing.  I have quite a bit to say!  I have a running to-do list on my computer, and I throw random blog post ideas on there.  It currently stands at 19 items, most of which are fairly complicated, broad issues that will likely result in thousand-word posts with pictures, links, etc.  Which is partly why they haven’t happened even though some of them have been on the list for 2 or 3 years.  Another reason is that in looking at the list, at least 13 of the 19 strike me as negative.  Stories about problems in LKSD, about the impact of drinking in our community, about corporate bureaucracy, or stories that I’m not sure I can tell without embarrassing people.  Aside from an occasional baseball link, I don’t put anything sunny on here!  And I guess I’ve been trying to figure out how I feel about that.  The happy stuff, the family pics, the little snippets of news, those are all on facebook.  For example from today:

“Good day today. 11 hours of sleep last night (!!), and a good day of work here in Chevak interrupted by a phone call from my 2-year old son telling me that “Bobo Potty!” He was home sick today with Tammy. Apparently he wandered into the bathroom on his own during “Toy Story” saying “Bobo potty,” and came out a while later naked from the waist down and with a potty full of pee! Go Bobo Go!”

So the ‘ol blog is left with only the serious stuff, aka whining and complaining.  : – )  Hmmm, perhaps I’m ok with this.  Which might mean I crank out 19 dark dank and dour (if not despairing or depressing) posts in the next week or 2.  Or not.  Hey, I’d love to get them off my list!  Not to mention have them all “put to bed” and processed and out of my HEAD.  Lest you forget, this blog is for me, not you.  Shoot there I go talking to myself again.  ; – )  Anyway us extroverts have the need to PROCESS, and the process usually ain’t pretty.  This one sums it up well too if you haven’t seen it before.

So anyway, you’ve been warned.

Brace, nay, STEEL thyself for the tidal wave of bloggery.

I’ll have them all posted at this rate…in 2020 or so.