Out There

Surely there’s a metaphor here…

Posted in Uncategorized by Pete on September 28, 2011

A rare highlight from the horrendous Seattle Mariner’s 2011 season which comes to a merciful close tonight.

If you’ve watched baseball much, or played it at any level, you know that this is the sort of thing you don’t see beyond the t-ball level, and it’s absolutely unheard of in MLB.  I love this clip!  I can’t even explain why it pleases me so much.  : – )  Short article with a 1-minute video.  Look how when he initially gets into 3rd base he looks to home and flinches in that direction as if to run.  Almost a home run on a dribbler to the shortstop.  And at the 50 sec mark you can see him looking at the infielder placement, and way in the background the center fielder anticipates what is happening and starts sprinting in, too late.


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