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on horrible cleanup hitters

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More on the delicious Mariner offense:  in a short piece about the all-time worst hitters in the clean-up spot, both this year and ever, 5 Mariners are mentioned!  The fact that we do win, with this offense, is kind of amazing.  I should acknowledge that things are much much better since we put 4 rookies into the starting rotation, and we now have rookies at 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and LF as well.  We’re not good, but no longer staggeringly, historically bad, and way more fun to watch!  That offense, from April 2010 to July 2011?  Very, very pungent and one for the record books.

Good (and short!) read on the role of probability/luck/randomness in baseball

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He had me at:  “A thought that was on my mind today was the Seattle Mariners’ lack of offense, an almost unprecedented amount of futility for the second consecutive season.”  Don’t I know it brother!!  Check it out here.

Strange Dealings in Bethel Murder/Torture Trial

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(I know I haven’t posted in 100 years, and I have tons of things to talk about all piled up.  This story is one that I might usually link to on facebook but I wanted to have it for posterity (BTW how come you can’t access all of the links you’ve put up in the past on FB?  You used to be able to!  The fact that you can’t is why this is NOT on FB) so I’m putting it here.)

Check out this link to an audio clip from KYUK radio.  It details how the prosecuting attorney was excluded from a recent pretrial hearing.  D.A. Stein was going to seek a delay in the trial as the state was not ready.  In addition, prosecutors were going to contest the accused’s request for a change of attorney.  Because she was kept out of the locked courtroom for 20 minutes along with media members (despite 3 verbal requests for admittance), the D.A. was unable to get any of this done and the state will have to move forward with it’s case whether it’s ready or not.  The judge apologized but said it was too late because she missed the meeting.  You can file this under “things are different here,” in a bad way.   : – (

If you haven’t heard about the case, a 19-year old kid from a coastal village was tortured to death over several days by 2 older men in Bethel while tied to a table saw.  A 3rd man who happens to work as a Bethel courthouse clerk (and who was himself the victim of torture years ago in his African homeland) SAW the victim tied down and failed to report it to anyone.  This man’s employment at the Bethel Courthouse resulted in the case being moved to Fairbanks.  Let’s hope justice is served.