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30,000 pounds of bananas

Posted in Uncategorized by Pete on September 30, 2009

I have tons of random things I’ve meant to post on for ages, and I’m finally doing one of them now.  Back in March when this occurred, I wrote some friends asking for any help they could give with it.  Here is most of that email:

“My supervisor at work just now showed me her yahoo account.  Up to yesterday she had a normal yahoo mail account, receiving around 5 messages per day in her inbox.  Today when she logged in, she has 5 BILLION messages in her inbox (it wasn’t such a round number, it was a huge string of digits without commas and I rounded it).  According to a December yahoo article, the world’s total email volume per day is right around 100 billion.

When she logs in there is a message to the effect that “we are protecting your account and you won’t be able to send or receive mail for the next 48 hours while we address this.”  If she goes into her inbox, it only shows what she saw as of yesterday (she can’t receive mail, basically).  I googled this problem and have found nothing.  Have you guys ever heard of it?  At first I just thought she gave her address out to the wrong site, or that someone was out to get her and used some malicious spam-creation program against her.  But 5% of the world’s total emails?!?  Maybe a yahoo internal error is more likely?  If any of you have an answer, we’d love to hear it.  I must say I find it all rather amusing.  Poor Tammy would have an aneurism.  She **hates** having too much unread mail in her inbox.  Must…keep…READING!!!!!  : – )  I told my supervisor she is living a jr highers dream.  She truly is the most_popular_person on the planet.

It stayed that way for a few days and then all of a sudden everything was back to normal.  So I have no answer, but if someone googles this topic NOW by golly they’ll find this thread and know they’re not alone.


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