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alcohol issue (local option) coverage from ADN

Posted in grim stuff, politics by Pete on September 20, 2009

Hey, the ADN has a big spread on the current movement in Bethel to do away with local option. This would essentially remove the monthly alcohol importation limit (It would not, as I understand it, necessarily mean that alcohol could start being sold legally in Bethel). OOPS!  Quoting from the article:  “If the vote passes, Bethel would be eligible for two bars and two liquor stores based on its population, according to the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Board that awards the licenses.” As I’ve pointed out previously in this space, the monthly “limit” is absurdly high.

Here are the ADN pieces: article, audio slide show, and short video. Good stuff, hopefully Bethel voters see it and do the right thing.

Just had to add this from the article:  “”We want the citizens of Bethel to be able to choose what they want or don’t want on these alcohol issues. We don’t want the state to continue to flog us with these rules,” said Tom Hawkins, 60.”  Yeah Tom, it is BRUTAL being limited to 20 drinks a day (not an exaggeration, that is the current limit if you do the math).  I feel so flogged.  This is the sort of person I was referring to when I wrote:  “If your desire to cling to your “right” to import ludicrous amounts of booze every month is so much stronger than your compassion at the state of your fellow man (even if they have made many crappy choices), then you have a serious problem.”

Or how about this guy:  “Meet 33-year-old Jeremy Westlake, a mechanic and pilot who by his estimate handles at least 70 percent of the legal alcohol that arrives in Bethel through a contract with ACE Air Cargo.  Westlake, one of the petitioners who put the question to a vote, says it’s a smaller-government thing. “I don’t want the state involved in our day-to-day life.””  HMMM, no conflict of interest there.

“If the liquor vote passes, authorities will lose control over how much booze arrives in Bethel, [trooper] Evan said. “I can imagine we’re going to see a lot more problems out in the villages.””


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  1. Pete said, on September 23, 2009 at 9:58 pm

    I know I’ve been beating this dead horse for a while, and after writing another letter to the editor of the Delta Discovery tonight, it occurred to me that people probably wonder about my motivation. I’m not a puritan, I have nothing against people drinking responsibily. I have several friends (not in dry villages) who tinker around with making their own beer, experimenting with it until they get the flavor just right. My parents drank socially growing up, etc etc you get the point.

    But my job. I work in the field of special education. I have numerous kids on my workload who have been impacted by alcohol, whether via prenatal exposure, or through the ravaging effects of its amplification of domestic disputes, or through neglect. All of these impacts have been negative, and many of them devastating. The price, and what continues to be at stake, is the health of the kids. Kids who can’t regulate their behavior, or focus on anything, or have a healthy relationship, because they literally have HOLES in their BRAIN from FASD. Or because they were up all night in a tiny home trying to block out the violence/screaming, or had to run to another home in the night to get away from their parent who was acting out of his mind. These are all actual examples from my time here.

    So no, this isn’t me being some legalist and demanding nationwide prohibition. **People are dying and suffering, and some other people want to do something completely unnecessary that will only make it worse.** You can call me naive, or a bleeding-heart liberal who loves big government, whatever you want, it’s still true. The vote will happen on Oct 6th in Bethel.

  2. […] 2009, and that article was originally in the ADN but can’t find it now, but prompted this post.  A similar quote from that post, about the same Bethelite (Tom Hawkins) is this one: “We […]

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