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Posted in Uncategorized by Pete on October 31, 2008

I keep hearing such doubletalk on the question of which presidential candidate will raise taxes the most.  The bottom line is that Obama will increase taxes on the richest folks, and reduce the tax burden on the majority of us.  McCain and most republicans feel this will stifle investment and lead to net job losses and make things worse for all of us.  I’m not trying to endorse one or the other, but when I hear out and out lies on the radio it drives me nuts.  Do your homework.  Google “McCain Obama tax plan comparison,” decide which you favor and vote accordingly.  Don’t buy the soundbites.  There are lots of independent analysis pieces online, like this one or this.

Similarly, I’ve heard Obama talking about how if the Republicans had privatized social security how we’d all be up a creek now.  Well…sort of, but not really.  A half truth is a lie, as far as I’m concerned.  Especially when the motive is self-interest.  Half truths tend to be damaging  due to the sliver of truth and ring of authenticity that they carry.  The deceit knows no party or political boundaries, and man it gets old.  “You say you wanna find a place where people are not lying…if you find a place like that, I’ll go there too!”

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