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Don and Ted

Posted in Uncategorized by Pete on August 19, 2008

So an election is right around the corner, or the primary anyway. Everyone wants to know if Alaska’s longtime house rep Don Young, and our “Senator for life” Ted Stevens will survive the ethical cloud of publicity that surrounds them. I won’t go into those specifics here. If you don’t know about it, a 10 second google search will give you zillions of sources to read up on it all. What I find most fascinating is a pervasive Alaskan attitude (I’ve seen it elsewhere too) that “Yeah, they probably did some bad stuff, but that is what everyone does, and hey you gotta play the game to win. If we elect some squeaky-clean freshman they won’t get anything done for Alaska.” The ADN had a recent article that featured this quote:

Coose said many in the Alaska GOP are calling for change without considering the consequences. He too would like change — in the federal system. But he doesn’t want Alaska sitting on the congressional sidelines without advocates like Young and U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens, the longest-serving Republican in Senate history.

“Until everyone in the union says we’re going to take back America from Washington, D.C., we’re in the game,” Coose said. “I think Don and Ted are two very strong people who know how the system works.”

Call me a pie-in-the-sky hopeless gen-x wild-eyed optimist, but isn’t that a really cynical, selfish attitude? Dylan says you gotta SERVE somebody! Whatever happened to public servants? And “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country?” Jumping into the 3rd person, Rickey Henderson style: Pete is just enough of a Pollyanna to say that we should vote for whoever has some character & humility and does the right thing for the nation (as in, the people), regardless of how much pork they bring home or how bombastic they are.

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