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Posted in Uncategorized by Pete on August 9, 2008

Holy smokes grandma!  Every man, woman, and child in the state is going to get at least $3,200 starting in late September.  This is $2,000+ for the PFD, and $1,200 as a “resource rebate” to help folks pay for the increases in fuel costs (heat, transportation, etc).  So my little family will get almost $10,000 from this.  With no broad-based state taxes of any kind and these kind of annual cash giveaways, no wonder the rest of the country considers us a bunch of freeloaders.  There was a lot of heartburn and hand-wringing over the resource rebate and how to do that  Ideas considered:  give more to the poor,  pay the utilities directly, reimburse people for energy bills when they submit receipts, give out debit cards that only work at gas stations and are automatically recharged with $100 every month from the state, give a smaller cash handout and increase the government buyin for the PCE program (subsidizes the cost of kWh in the bush), and many more.
I haven’t put tons of thought into it and don’t really have one approach that I thought was clearly best.  I tend to favor long-term solutions that hurt now but work out really well down the road (sometimes WAY down the road.  This approach would not serve me well in politics!).  So I’d be all for putting the money into smart wind and hydro projects that are expensive but pay for themselves after many years and then give “free” power.  But still I just had to bring this up just because the dollar amount is pretty darn significant.  For my neighbors, who may have 6 people living in a 2-room home, that is a huge portion of their annual income.  I think we’ll have to do some serious school fundraisers this fall!  Cakewalks every night in October!  : – )

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