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Posted in Uncategorized by Pete on May 27, 2008

Check this out!  From the Fairbanks News-Miner newspaper:

Alaska is already home to the world’s longest sled dog (Iditarod), snowmachine (Iron Dog) and riverboat (Yukon 800) races, so it only makes sense it should serve as the finish line for the world’s longest canoe and kayak race.

It won’t happen until next summer, but plans for a 1,000-mile race on the Yukon River from Whitehorse, Yukon, to the Dalton Highway bridge are in the works and a starting date of July 20, 2009, has been set. Approximately half the race will be in the Yukon and half will be in Alaska.

Fun fun fun.  I’d LOVE to do this, although I’d actually like to do it from Dawson or Whitehorse all the way to the lower Yukon, much more than 1,000 miles.  In a kayak, good grief I’d be scared to do it by canoe, I’m terrible in a canoe.  If I was in a canoe I’d need these!  I wouldn’t want to do it as a race.  I’m not that great a paddler, I just enjoy it a lot.  Come to think of it, that describes me in a lot of sports.  : – )  Now if I can just talk my bear-wary esposa into this idea…  Don’t worry, if I really do something like this I’ll start smaller and do some long distance stuff closer to home as training.  Floating the lakes and rivers of the Wood-Tikchik state park would be incredible, although you have to see it on a map (click on it to zoom in) to see why.  You put in at Lake Kulik or even one of the lakes above that (get there via float plane), and then float and fish your way all the way down to Aleknagik or maybe Dillingham (??).  You can pay $4,000 minimum per person to do this with a guide, or you can freelance it.  That area is remote, to say the least, and loaded with fish, bear, and more.


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