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Sweatin’ to the Oldies

Posted in Uncategorized by Pete on May 25, 2008

So last night I was doing dishes while Claire slept and Tammy worked at school (until 1:30 am!  And this is our summer, school is already out.  Yeah, those teachers are all overpaid.  Actually, she’s at school right now too, been there for about 4 hours cleaning out storage rooms, dusting, organizing etc.  Sorry, tangent.), and I didn’t want to wake Claire but I wanted music while I did dishes.  I got my old walkman out and put in a tape and had a GREAT ol’ time rocking out to this albumHilarious!!  The rest of the tape (holy cow I’m old!  Remember TAPESAnd mix tapes?  I used to crank those out, what a lot of work that was!) was similarly dated.  Some stuff I can’t really say anything kind about (well-intentioned?  Skillfully played?  Woeful writing) by DeGarmo & Key, and “Thunder Beach” by Crumbacher (Hey!  Time for the “fast skate!”) was a little better.  Gives me a huge grin just remembering the shoebox on the seat of my car with all of those tapes in it, singing at the top of my lungs with Ian or whoever, somebody drumming on the dash.

But back to newsboys, that was a great live concert they put on.  Definitely the first show I went to with the musicians doing backflips and leaping (repeatedly) into the crowd while playing their instruments.  I remember once there weren’t enough of us to catch the extremely hyper lead guitarist so we all just scattered and he hit the floor.  No wonder he had knee pads on!  Silly stuff.  Then there was the drum kit that elevated and then revolved 360 degrees, pausing upside down for an extended (red-faced) solo by Peter Furler.  I can’t recall if they did that in the first show I saw though.  That was in October of ’92, I’d just started college, and Dennis got a bunch of us to go to see this band we’d never heard of.  We bought some advance copies of “Not Ashamed” and did a lot of jumping up and down.  (The only dancing I was ever any good at : – )  Their personnel kept changing after that for a while.  They had a terminator look-alike on bass who came and went, and the nuts guitar dude, that was the only time I saw him.  The keyboard guy went solo and the lead singer left.  Anyway, good memories with some great friends, and I’m glad I let Dennis talk me into going.  And it sure made all those dishes fly by last night.

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