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If you write a blog and noone reads it…does it exist?

Posted in Uncategorized by Pete on May 25, 2008

I’ve kind of been thinking about who my “audience” is as I write on this thing.  I think I’m realizing I don’t really want to write for an audience.  I do too much people-pleasing in my face-to-face world, I don’t need to enter into it here.  I just want to write.  Fluently and expressively.  Not necessarily well, or convincingly.  But maybe therapeutically.  I’m a writer.  Not like someone who does it for $$ and everyone wants to read their stuff.  More like a person who, when stressed/freaking out, is helped by putting his thoughts down into words through writing.  So, probably this means my writing won’t really make tons of sense or follow any theme, and it might be boring or offensive or whatever.  Probably it means this won’t be a very “good” blog, which is fine with me.  I’ve kept it undercover for the most part and plan to keep it that way.  If you want to read it, cool, I’m honored.  And if the imaginary counter stays in single digits forever, that’s just fine with me.  So what’s the purpose of this?  How is it different from a diary?  Hmm…well, I won’t be putting stuff in here that I put in occasional journal entries (not online).  Too intensely personal.  My specific struggles with God, or in relationships or stuff at work, that’s not ok for this forum and would only make trouble.  This is more like ideas or things that bounce around in my head and I’m sort of an extrovert and this is a place for me to process them and get rid of them.

So basically, if you thought my writing was stinky up to now, its about to get even worse less polished.

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  1. mpb said, on May 25, 2008 at 2:11 pm

    You might take a gander at Lorelle VanFossen’s blog. She has great ideas on organizing one’s self for blogging. Her book is pretty good too.

    You can also have more than one blog which helps keep topics together/separated. I migrated from Blogger and LiveJournal to edublogs.org and wordpress.com in part because of easier and more collaborative features (easier reader feedback or tracking) but also as my need to focus on separate topics changed


  2. Pete said, on May 26, 2008 at 11:45 pm

    Hey, thanks for the comment. I checked the link you provided, and it is some good advice. The thing is, creating a good blog really isn’t my goal. : – ) I want a place to write about the random things that crowd my head and get them out of the way, so to speak. Whether its a “Bear Tooth” type of theater in Bethel or the ethics of net metering or alcohol in the bush or whatever, this is a forum for me to get it out of my head, which currently feels a little harried and crowded. So my goals for my blog are probably a little atypical, but I appreciate your advice and agree that separate blogs with more unified/specific topic maintenance would be better for any readers out there. No offense, but I’m not real concerned with the reader’s experience and don’t want to have to deal with multiple blogs. I don’t mind if noone reads! But YOU did, and you even chimed in, and for that I say quyana.

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