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Posted in Uncategorized by Pete on April 18, 2008

OK, I wrote this post a couple hours ago already, and it was long, and funny, and profound. And mind-blowingly stupendous. It was SUPER. But now its gone! (Like Frank Sinatra…) But it was about bags. And saving the planet.

Let me explain.

No…let me sum up.

Tammy and I were driving from LA to AK (which is another story entirely), and we stopped in lovely Prince George for groceries on our way to the Cassiar Hwy in Western BC. Prince George is the biggest town you see until Anchorage, 1800 miles later.  We bought a pile of produce and a bunch of canned food. The cashier rang it all up and I waited expectantly for a total.  Instead of the usual drill, the clerk broke all the rules as we had this exchange:

Cashier: “Would you like a bag?”

Me: “uh…[staring at my pile of stuff blankly]…um…[staring at the cashier even blanker]…yes? Yes!  Definitely.”

Cashier: “How many?”

Me: “[blankest]…How many? uhhh….as many as it takes?”

I know my grocery store social pragmatics, and this was some very odd stuff indeed.  So they threw it all in bags and then counted them and charged me a fee per bag.  Aha!  At last I understood. As we left the store I commented that had I known I would have only asked for one bag.  Or just scooped it all into my shirt. Those Canadians don’t mess around when it comes to recycling. At least not in Prince George. None of this voluntary garbage (no pun intended), you’ll recycle or you’ll pay! : – )

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  Back to saving the planet. These people here seem to think that bags are a way to do that. Hey, more power to ya. Those plastic bags all over are an eyesore and a total waste. Most of Ireland has even kicked the habit, apparently. How hard can it be to carry a bag or two folded up in your car? I wouldn’t know since I mail all my groceries in boxes…RECYCLED boxes I might add, but that’s another story too.

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