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thanks to despair.com

Posted in Uncategorized by Pete on March 20, 2008

ok, so I’m messing with the header, and had to put the image up from one of despair.com’s shirts.  I didn’t ask for permission, so hopefully I don’t get in trouble.  That is partly the reason for this post.  #1, I think at this point literally NOONE reads my blog since I’ve told noone.  At this point its pure catharsis, but maybe later I’ll put a link to this on our website and maybe on my email signature.  #2, if you do read it and you don’t know about despair.com, check it out (this is the part where I’m hoping to avoid trouble with the crack legal team at despair.com).  They have fantastic posters, calendars, and yes t-shirts.  If you’re not a dark, sarcastic gen-xer you might not appreciate it, but I think most of it is fantastic stuff and am the proud owner of a poster, calendar, and even a coffee mug (the “pessimist’s mug,” and I don’t drink anything hot, but thats another story).  They are the one and only company that sends me spam that I am excited to read, often the kind of stuff you cannot read while drinking unless you want to make a mess.  They have a blog too, somewhere…  *****11/12/09 EDIT – that old header is gone.  Here is the thing I was referring to that used to grace the top of my blog:



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