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first day of spring!

Posted in Uncategorized by Pete on March 20, 2008

OK, so my UAF/KUC calendar says yesterday, 3/19 was the first day of spring.  Living in western Alaska, and even when I lived in Anchorage, when you travel and people learn you’re from Alaska, you often get animated reactions and eventually the inevitable “So how cold does it get there?”  Then I usually have to launch into a lecture about the size of our state and how the weather varies and how where I live the wind chill is what makes it really bad blah blah blah.

So anyway, as I speak it is -21 outside according to yahoo weather, which for my way of thinking is too cold for March 20th.  Especially since yahoo weather still lists a high today of +6 and a low of +2.  Its all about the crushed expectations.  If it predicted -30, I’d be happy it was only -21.  I don’t know if its extra hard to predict weather here or what, but we are very frequently under or over the low/high thing by a significant margin.  Then of course there is the caveat that the weather in Bethel is not exactly the same as that here in Kasigluk.  Pilots say it tends to be a little windier here, and my anemometer on the roof would agree, consistently reporting wind about 20% greater than that reported from the airport in Bethel.

Fairbanks, in the frigid interior, is at +1 right now.  And Belize is in the upper 70s.  So yeah, I’m whining and ready for Spring to show up in more ways than just on the calendar. 

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