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thanks to despair.com

Posted in Uncategorized by Pete on March 20, 2008

ok, so I’m messing with the header, and had to put the image up from one of despair.com’s shirts.  I didn’t ask for permission, so hopefully I don’t get in trouble.  That is partly the reason for this post.  #1, I think at this point literally NOONE reads my blog since I’ve told noone.  At this point its pure catharsis, but maybe later I’ll put a link to this on our website and maybe on my email signature.  #2, if you do read it and you don’t know about despair.com, check it out (this is the part where I’m hoping to avoid trouble with the crack legal team at despair.com).  They have fantastic posters, calendars, and yes t-shirts.  If you’re not a dark, sarcastic gen-xer you might not appreciate it, but I think most of it is fantastic stuff and am the proud owner of a poster, calendar, and even a coffee mug (the “pessimist’s mug,” and I don’t drink anything hot, but thats another story).  They are the one and only company that sends me spam that I am excited to read, often the kind of stuff you cannot read while drinking unless you want to make a mess.  They have a blog too, somewhere…  *****11/12/09 EDIT – that old header is gone.  Here is the thing I was referring to that used to grace the top of my blog:



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first day of spring!

Posted in Uncategorized by Pete on March 20, 2008

OK, so my UAF/KUC calendar says yesterday, 3/19 was the first day of spring.  Living in western Alaska, and even when I lived in Anchorage, when you travel and people learn you’re from Alaska, you often get animated reactions and eventually the inevitable “So how cold does it get there?”  Then I usually have to launch into a lecture about the size of our state and how the weather varies and how where I live the wind chill is what makes it really bad blah blah blah.

So anyway, as I speak it is -21 outside according to yahoo weather, which for my way of thinking is too cold for March 20th.  Especially since yahoo weather still lists a high today of +6 and a low of +2.  Its all about the crushed expectations.  If it predicted -30, I’d be happy it was only -21.  I don’t know if its extra hard to predict weather here or what, but we are very frequently under or over the low/high thing by a significant margin.  Then of course there is the caveat that the weather in Bethel is not exactly the same as that here in Kasigluk.  Pilots say it tends to be a little windier here, and my anemometer on the roof would agree, consistently reporting wind about 20% greater than that reported from the airport in Bethel.

Fairbanks, in the frigid interior, is at +1 right now.  And Belize is in the upper 70s.  So yeah, I’m whining and ready for Spring to show up in more ways than just on the calendar. 

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Posted in Uncategorized by Pete on March 5, 2008

It’s that time of year when Alaska goes even more dog-crazy than usual.  Laura Daugereau, an old friend of mine from WA state is even in the race this year, the first woman from WA to do it, I believe.  She works as a contractor in WA all summer to support her dog-addiction in Montana all winter.   She has a tremendous family and we were excited to see them as we were going to attend the race start last weekend.  Sadly, we were snowed in and couldn’t fly out of Kasigluk and missed the jet from Bethel to Anchorage.   As a rookie learning the trail, Laura is hoping to finish in the middle of the pack or higher.

 To root Laura on, check the updated standings:  www.adn.com/iditarod/results

Or go to www.adn.com/iditarod for general stories on the race.

Her website is www.nightrunnerkennel.com if you want to know more about Laura and her dogs.

So how long do you think you’ll be out there?

Posted in Uncategorized by Pete on March 4, 2008

Hello!  This is the first post in what I hope is a fairly steady stream of reflections on life.  I was never that great at maintaining our website (www.schneidlers.com/peter) but I often have little snippets to share and thought this was worth a try.  The title of this post is the question we get asked all of the time by people we meet on the plane, or by itinerant LKSD (our school district, www.lksd.org) staff visiting our school, friends, family, you name it.  Our response is usually something like “Indefinitely.  We really enjoy the village and our neighbors and think it is where we’re supposed to be.”  Tam likes to say “Until they kick us out!”  We get a lot of reactions, and unfortunately a lot of them are shock and even the outright question “Why?!?  Why would you want to be there?”  This generally inspires some umbrage on my part, and I ask them why I would want to live in ________ where they’re from, dealing with traffic, materialism, people living in houses stacked on top of one another, the heat, whatever.  Every place has issues.  We love it here!

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